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Ich male gerne,

weil ich es meistens nicht nur tue

um das Bild beenden,

sonden um den Prozess

des Malens zu genießen.

gentle crab watercolor

gentle crab / oil painting / 40 x 55cm

Chinese believe that a name can influence people's life. I have a very unique name that is related to beauty, rongshang. Maybe this is the reason why I am so much into all forms of beauty. I am a graphic designer. I am a watercolor painter. I am an interior designer. I am inspired by the details of the beauty around and want to use my design and paintings to share with people who also can be moved by little simple things. 

In 2018, I moved with my husband from Shanghai - a city changing rapidly every day - to this very peaceful Austria land, Voralberg. I enjoyed the high-speed energetic life in Shanghai, but the days here, with enough time to feel every small detail of nature, is another kind of fascinating. I used to take photos, but since I encountered watercolor, photography is not enough to express my feelings about nature anymore. My feelings are so alive, and they can grow with watercolor amazingly by themselves. All you need is to know what story you want to tell, and how to guide water to go.


rongshang recent works

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